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saw this on FPD and had to tell you how fabulous it is.
good job!


I am somewhat perplexed. I see your food and it looks beautiful and delicious, however, I go to yelp and see many, many negative reviews of your food at Bali Hai. Please help me understand this discrepancy. Is it execution, quality of ingredients, what? I first saw your food at Food Porn Daily, and as a chef myself I was intrigued by the beauty of your plates and the seemingly good combinations of ingredients you list, although some seem a bit over-complicated, with too many ingredients crowding the plate. I just cannot understand the long and negative diatribes on yelp about the food at Bali Hai, please enlighten me. I am most sincere in my query so please answer. If you are unaware of what I am speaking about, please go to yelp and read the reviews. Thanks so much.

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